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Cake Decorating 101: The Tools Baking Pros Use

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We have all been to those parties where the hostess whips out a perfectly sculpted hibiscus flower in brilliant pink made entirely of sponge and sugar as if she just whisked it up 20 minutes before the guests arrived. It looks too good to eat… Actually, is it even a cake or is it possibly actually a giant hibiscus flower pretending to be a cake? You leave the party with envy and toting a handmade favours box that perfectly matches and compliments the slice of flawless and (completely edible) cake held within. If you’re an aspiring baker, you too can achieve this kind of baking perfection with the right cake decoration supplies Melbourne stores sell today.

Cake decorating is for the really talented, right? All of that sugar sculpting and slaving is reserved only for the seriously practised and endlessly creative? Wrong. Anyone can become a cake decorating extraordinaire using cake decoration supplies Melbourne has today – it really is THAT easy. All you need are a few tools, a bit of know-how, some tricks of the trade and a mixing bowl full of confidence!

The Cake Decorating Tools of the Pros

Don’t kid yourself for a second that those Stepford Wife cake decorators and other cake decoration supplies Melbourne baking supplies sell mould those little sugar plum fairies with their bare hands. No way – those ladies call in the heavy-duty cake decorating artillery. Here’s a list for you so that you can stock up on your own:

  • Frosting spatula
  • Toothpicks
  • Icing bags, and ties and even an icing bag holder will do nicely 
  • Icing tips 

Here are some steps to creating your perfect cake decorations from sugar icing!

Step 1

Mix up your sugar icing according to the recipe in a strict manner – close enough is not good enough here. You may need gum paste or other pliable substances – you can even buy sugar icing mixture pre-made in the store. A great idea!

Step 2

Choose the icing bag tip in the shape you need. Use each tip depending on what you’re trying to create:

– Round tip for writing

– Star tip for zigzags, shells, rosettes and stars of course

– Petal tip for flowers and bows

– Basketweave tip for gorgeous outlines

Step 3

On greaseproof paper or foil, shape the decorations using your pre-prepared icing mixture and the correct icing bag tip to suit your shape requirements. Patience is a virtue here. The tips really do make your job easy – choose the tip that corresponds to the shape you’re trying to create. With a bit of practice and with using the right cake decoration supplies in Melbourne stores you cannot go wrong!

Step 4

Once the sugar icing decorations dry, paint or dot any extra details you need on with small brushes or toothpicks – this may be simply some toothpick- sized black dots inside flower petals to depict seeds. Be sure to use quality Melbourne cake decoration supplies.

Tackle the Cake

While your delicate decorations (all edible and made of sugar!) are drying, apply your overall icing spread to the cake. You may choose to use any number of coverings including:

Butter Cream Icing – easily made at home or bought at the store in a tin. Easily wiped onto the cooled cake with a regular spatula.

Fondant – also available for purchase in a pre-made form – this is often also referred to as rolled icing or fondant icing. Fondant is malleable and made of gelatin and glycerine. Fondant can be bought or coloured to suit your cake decorating theme. The fondant needs to be rolled out and covered onto the cake like a pie-crust. Trim the excess fondant from the edges so that the cake looks neatly covered with no lumps or bumps.

The Moment of Truth

Arrange your lovingly designed decorations onto your icing or fondant covered cake.

If the icing is made of buttercream, the decorations should stick nicely. If the cake is covered in fondant you will need to slightly wet the patch of fondant with cold water wherever you want to apply a decoration. Stick the decoration firmly in place and leave to dry – the ingredients in the fondant can be re-wet and decorations can be re-stuck if need be.

Voila! With a little bit of practice and lots of fun, you, your family and your taste buds will enjoy the cake decorating the learning process. Be that enviable party host at your next gathering and go all out with some cake decorating genius! For more information on the cheap cake decoration supplies Melbourne stores sell, you can check websites like

The Efficacy of a Thai Remedial Massage

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More and more people are looking toward non-invasive methods of staying healthy. Frequent massage is one mechanism that helps boost the flow of blood in the body and relaxes tired muscles.

There are different kinds of massage offered at the Koh Feel Well Being Massage Centre. One of them is the Thai remedial massage Melbourne that usually targets the body’s deep tissues with a significant degree of pressure being applied.  Hence, this kind of massage is more therapeutic than soothing or relaxing.

The therapeutic effects of a remedial massage

At Koh Feel Well Being Massage Centre, different kinds of massage services are offered to give relief to tight muscles and alleviate the feeling of tension on the surrounding structures.

A firm massage Melbourne is often targeted at releasing pressure that may have beset your muscles.

A Thai remedial massage Melbourne aims at treating the reason behind the pain being felt, as well as alleviating the discomfort. During this session, the masseurs first have to know the area of your body that may be having a dysfunction.

In what situations is a remedial massage effective?

Since a Thai remedial massage Melbourne is therapeutic, it is ideal for those who have body dysfunctions.

When a firm massage is offered in a tranquil environment, you will feel that the tension and pain dissipates as the increase of blood flow in the body is one of its targets. It also helps relieve the tension and discomfort.

When there is stagnant blood in the muscles, you will feel discomfort in the affected body part. With a remedial deep tissue massage, increased circulation implies that the stagnant blood will be flushed out, contributing to an overall feeling of well-being.

However, due to the pressure being applied during a remedial massage, it is mostly effective after situations that results in tight and knotted sensation of the muscles. During these sessions, note that there are some techniques borrowed from the soothing Swedish massage type.

All these implies that the overall goal of any massage offered at the Koh Feel Well Being Massage Centre targets your body’s relaxation.

Other crucial massage types offered at the Koh Feel Well Massage Centre

An expertly done massage has several benefits to the body. Aside from the relief felt in sore muscles, there are other impacts felt throughout the body.  For example, s Thai foot massage Melbourne relies upon the aspect of reflexology to boost an overall feeling of wellness. While it primarily rejuvenates tired feet, this massage soothes other parts of your body as well.

On the other hand, a Swedish massage treatment Oakleigh is known for its relaxing and soothing benefits. Aside from these advantages, it also helps buoy the sharpness of an individual’s mind.

Frequent massage sessions will do more good for your body than you may realise. At the Koh Fell Well Being Massage Centre, there are different massage types to choose from. To learn which massage type is most effective for you, go to You can also call 03-9939-8082.

Incredible Dance Lessons in Perth

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Many dancing enthusiasts would love to spend their weeks learning and polishing up their skills in dancing. However many do not know where to find the perfect dance studio to test their skills and abilities. In Perth, why not try Danza Pasion? This dancing studio has been in business for 11 years in Perth and is one of WA’s biggest dance studios. There’s nowhere else you can learn Latin dance lessons Perth has today, offering you with the best dancing instructors and facilities that will surely have you dancing for more.

Danza Pasion offers the best Latin dance lessons in Perth that you don’t find elsewhere. They offer many types of dancing lessons and styles, and cater to in-school programs structured within PE, Performing Arts curriculum, and for extra-curricular activities. While some lessons are held after school hours within schools grounds, students have the choice to study at Danza Pasion or any convenient location.

The best thing about their school programs is that you need not worry about your child’s safety since all instructors have full police clearance and Working with Children checks. All instructors are very ethical and professional in their work. Danza Pasion also offers private lessons for smaller groups of students at their studio, and is one of the most respected children’s Ballroom medal dance classes in Australia. Many of their medal students have exceptionally high exam results for years, and are given positive and supportive feedback from their instructors.

There are many Perth Latin dance lessons for people of all ages to choose from at Danza Pasion. And many of their classes especially Salsa, ballroom, Argentine tango, Zumba and Latin funk offer different dance styles for you to learn and dance to every session. Not only does each class leave you with a new dance move, but you’ll be fit and trim in no time. The best classes that can offer you an exceptional workout is the Zumba and Latin Funk. They’re an easy-to-follow calorie-burning dance class with exhilarating and effective moves that will immerse you into the world of health and happiness.

And by popular demand Zumba classes are now being offered three times per week every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 6 pm to 7 pm in their Balcatta location. Fitness instructor, Gianni, was trained in London and has worked for 10 years as London’s most exclusive dance fitness instructor. Not only has Gianni run many classes and workshops, he is also very experienced in ballroom and Salsa, and has worked with various movie stars over the years.

If you are searching to find Latin dance lessons Perth then there is no better dance school than Danza Pasion with two great dance studios for you to choose from depending on your schedule. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday classes are held at Sicilian Club Lot 51 Fortune Street in Balcatta WA. And for Friday and Saturday classes it is held at The Dance Workshop 65 Scarborough Beach Road North Perth WA. Enrollment cost for Street Latin and Ballroom at Danza Pasion runs for 7 weeks with the price $140 per person (inclusive of GST). The Argentine Tango is a 5 week course which costs about $105 per person (inclusive GST). Danza Pasion only accepts payment via bank transfer before the commencement of classes or cash and check once you arrive at the studio.

For more information on Latin dance lessons Perth has and more, you can check their website at If you have questions, you may call Julie at 0418 928 201 or Adam at 0413 371 447. To send your inquiries via email, you can do so at You may also get updates from their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter!

Tips on Making Your Wedding Video Perfect

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A wedding is a history in someone’s life. It deserves all the attention and resources one can find to make it extraordinary and fulfilling. Have you heard the stories of so and so spent million dollars on his or her wedding? That’s it, from what people will eat, what they wear and the kind of vehicles that are going to ferry people from place to another, all add to the uniqueness of your wedding. One of the things to highly consider is the kind of Melbourne wedding videography that you are going to have. You need to ensure that you get the best videos of your wedding so that those who do not get a chance to attend it will regret after watching them.

Melbourne Wedding Videography

Professional Videographers that Use Exceptional Machines

Melbourne Wedding Videography is not about taking photographs, it requires more skills and creativity. This act of producing wedding videos has no difference with the tasks of shooting a movie. The aerial views, the lateral or side views should be shot exceptionally so that people appear as they are. Some professionals that offer services of wedding videography in Melbourne use fake machines which end up producing curvy and short people or thin and long people. Such things spoil the whole event no matter how well it has been arranged.

Perfect Shooting and Merging of the scenes

Of course, a wedding can take a day or two and then be followed by your honeymoon. All these events need to be in a continuous manner without separating them. The Melbourne wedding videography professional must ensure that everything is done perfectly so that all excerpts of various scenes are combined well to create a chronological flow of events. When your video has a systematic flow of events, it would be easy for the viewers to understand what happened during your wedding.

Keep Your Movements Moderate

You are the owner of the wedding so that means you are the character of the whole event. To ensure that this is depicted, your appearances should be relatively high compared to the attendants. Give a chance to the music and dancers so that the whole event gets displayed in the video. You should understand that wedding videography Melbourne professionals conduct presents a recap of the events of the wedding, but in a more organized manner that will yield some sense of reality to the viewers. Such things can be done by only a few professionals who have pursued creativity in the video shooting work.

Good Venues and Good Custom Dressing

Why should you blame the best wedding videography Melbourne firm when you choose the most local venue that has dust and poor themes like an epic movie scene? Try to look for elegant places that are appealing so that you get the best videos of your wedding. Despite using HD cameras, the video will appear bad if the venue is bad. The worst mistake you can do is by adding graphic effects to the video so that it looks better. This will not improve anything plus people will not bother to waste their time looking at graphically enhanced videos that are not real. See more at

Literally Try your Hand on the Knitting Hobby! Reasons Why Knitting is Both Healthy and Productive to Spend your Leisure Time

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As the old adage goes, out with the old, in with the new! But this new generation has a knack of getting old trends back into the future, giving rise to aesthetic vintage styles every millennial is liking. Also, it can be observed that people in this modern age like to DIY things like arts and crafts, furniture, and even electric gadgets. Let us focus on past trends in arts and crafts. Arts and crafts trends have been popular because they productively pass time. Knitting is no longer only for grandmas in the year 2017! You can even catch big time supermodels like Cara Delevingne spend her leisure time knitting without a care for what the paparazzi might say. If you live in Australia, the hype for knitting has grown so largely today that you can easily find knitting accessories Australia stores sell for bargain prices. This article sheds light on the great reasons why everybody today should visit an Australia knitting accessories store and start knitting!

knitting accessories australia

Why should I try my hand at knitting?

There are several benefits to this hobby that not everyone is knowledgeable of. Aside from being creative with using and choosing knitting accessories Australia stores have, it is also a productive stress reliever from your day to day hustle. Listed below are some of the many reasons why you should go ahead and pick up and buy the best knitting accessories in Australia stores and learn how to knit:

1. Knitting is a productive, cost-efficient, and even a profitable hobby.

Aside from the fact that knitting accessories in Australia stores (for trusted knitting accessories Australia shops offer today, check can be bought at very low bargain prices, knitting warm and cozy clothing like scarves, gloves, sweaters, hats, and blankets can be a good idea for a sideline business of your own. While you save money by not needing to buy any kind of warm clothing for the winter season, you can sell your creations to other people for a reasonable price, too.

2. Knitting can make your sense of sight and coordination sharper.

Hobbies generally function as leisure activities to relax and enjoy your alone time with. But did you know that there are also many health benefits to knitting? Since knitting involves meticulous and careful hand movements, it can enhance your hand-eye coordination.

3. Knitting can help you lose weight.

Although it sounds impossible, knitting can be one of your weight loss efforts. Since you can be focused on knitting, you can get your mind off eating or snacking. More information brand name: 4 Seasons Yarns

4. Knitting can ease your stress.

Leisure hobbies like knitting can help you ease in your time off and relax. You don’t need to think about school or work, just focusing on your knitting work can get you to relax your mind and body.

5. Knitting has some mental health benefits.

Sometimes, life’s difficult and upsetting situations can get a person down. Knitting has been proven to take your mind off things that are bothering you. Apart from distracting your bothersome thoughts, knitting can uplift your spirits by stimulating you and giving you feelings of satisfaction and pride on completing a task.

Reasons to Send Your Pet to a Reliable Doggy Day Care Center

Reasons to Send Your Pet to a Reliable Doggy Day Care Center

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After you have actually bought a puppy, the next thing to think of is how the young puppy will be trained. You can have your pup trained at home, many trainers advice that you take your dog to a great doggy daycare with Brisbane pet sitters so as to be trained with other puppies. By taking your pet to a doggy daycare, you give him a chance to socialize with other young puppies, an outlet for his energy and a chance to stay stimulated.

See why you should send your pet dog to a dog daycare center:

Expertly supervised playtime

The majority of dog owners don’t keep an eye on play in between pet dogs. Unlike animal specialists, the majority of canine owners do not know what is hazardous and proper for their pets. An excellent pet daycare with Brisbane pet sitters ought to have expert service companies who are experienced in canine care.

Socializing and workout

Satisfying and playing with other pet dogs is something your canine can’t resist. It’s a great chance for your canine to communicate and learn to interact socially with other canines.

Dullness relief

It’s great to have crates for your canine but they do not always provide the comfort the pet needs often. When you take your dog to a doggy daycare with Brisbane pet sitters, you eliminate monotony chances and expose your dog to an environment with plenty of stimulation.

Human contact

Some dogs spend lonesome days as soon as their companion has actually gone to work. It’s good to note that loneliness makes a pet dog dull and it’s bad for their health. If you do not hang out at home throughout the day, it’s good to let your pet dog hang out with other pet dogs and caretakers in a daycare. Services that offer doggy daycare with pet sitters Brisbane wide are aware that pet dogs like to be cuddled and scratched behind the ears. They also want to be handled during quiet times and personal interaction throughout play time.

Experienced experts

An excellent canine daycare needs to have expert service suppliers who are experienced in pet care. It’s excellent to have dog crates for your pet dog but they do not constantly use the convenience the canine needs in some cases. Once you take your pet dog to a doggy daycare with pet sitters in Brisbane, you remove monotony chances and expose your pet to an environment with plenty of stimulation.

If you do not spend time at home during the day, it’s excellent to let your pet invest time with other dogs and caretakers in a daycare.


As you search for good doggy daycare with pet sitters Brisbane has today, it’s good to mind the temperament and character of your canine. A current research study has revealed that most pets do well in a daycare facility regardless of their different characters and temperament. Pet dog daycare facilities provide quality play-times and dog-dog interactions. It may look a little costly to some individuals, it’s the finest you can do for your four-legged companion. For more information, visit