Artistic Hand-Cut Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Not Just For Kids Any More!

Experience what jigsaw puzzles were like "Before Cardboard" from 1880 through 1950

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The Puzzles of Carlton R. Irick


These pages depict some of the known surviving puzzles that my Great - Great Uncle Carlton cut from 1900 through 1937.   The styles he cut  range from "Push-Fit" to "Interlocking" and from a "blank" or picture-less to those with fine art reproductions, lithographs and old-time calendar pictures.  Many of the puzzles he cut sported the front cover of popular magazines such as "The Saturday Evening Post" and "Good Housekeeping".   He was a follower of fine art and loved using Norman Rockwell's artwork for his puzzles.  He was a great fan of Charles Dickens, so many of his puzzles included characters from Dickens' novels.

I am currently working to assemble Carlton's puzzles and photograph them for display on this site.  Check back from time to time as I add his work.

Early Puzzles Made Using Thin, Solid Wood in "Push-Fit" Style   These puzzles are made using thin, solid wood that are non-interlocking or "push-fit" style.

Puzzles Made Using Fine Art Reproductions    These puzzles are made using fine art reproductions (prints or lithographs).

Puzzles Made Using Photographs, Calendar and Magazine Pictures   SOON TO COME These puzzles are made using photographs or calendar pictures.

Puzzles Made With No Pictures    SOON TO COME  That's right! No pictures are used.  The only clue to assembling these puzzles are the grain of the wood!.


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