Artistic Hand-Cut Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Not Just For Kids Any More!

Experience what jigsaw puzzles were like "Before Cardboard" from 1880 through 1950

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How To Order Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Standard Puzzles:

I offer three different piece sizes, large (for children), medium and small (for adults or gifted big kids ; o) ).  Use the chart below to get an idea of the price of your puzzle depending on the size of the print or picture and the piece size.  

You can send me your pre-printed photograph or fine art print and have it turned into a custom size of your choice - call or email me to see what I can do! 

Please keep in mind that when you order a fine art print from an artist, the actual picture size may be significantly smaller.  For example: You order an 11 x 14" size and the actual picture is really 9.5 x 12.5".  The extra is a border used for mounting the print.  I remove the border prior to mounting to the wood.


Print Size Large Pieces Approximately 0.5 - 1.0 Pieces Per Sq. Inch Medium Pieces Approximately 1.3 - 1.8 Pieces Per Sq. Inch Small Pieces Approximately 2.0 - 3.0 Pieces Per Sq. Inch
 Size Square Inches Approx Number of Pieces Price Approx Number of Pieces Price Approx Number of Pieces Price
5" x 7" 35 25 $ 25.00 45 $ 45.00 65 $ 65.00
8" x 10" 80 50 $ 50.00 120 $ 120.00 200 $ 200.00
11" x 14" 154 100 $ 100.00 180 $ 180.00 385 $ 385.00
12" x 16" 192 135 $ 135.00 260 $ 260.00 480 $ 480.00
12" x 20" 240 170 $ 170.00 390 $ 390.00 600 $ 600.00
16" x 20" 320 225 $ 225.00 480 $ 480.00 800 $ 800.00
20" x 24" 480 330 $ 330.00 700 $ 700.00 1200 $ 1200.00
24" x 24" 576 400 $ 500.00 850 $ 950.00 1440 $ 1540.00

I try to aim for the above number of pieces per the size print shown.  However, as each puzzle is individually hand-cut, I cannot guarantee the exact count to match the chart.     For Example: An 8" x 10",  50 piece puzzle may end up as 46 or 55 pieces when I am done.  I do not draw or follow a pattern when I cut out your puzzle.

To make ordering easier to follow,  the piece prices are all the same - $ 1.00 per piece.

Special Charges:

For custom borders, drop outs or requests for different or custom work, please call to discuss your ideas and I will offer an estimate.

A handling fee of $100.00 will be charged for puzzle sizes larger than 500 square inches and a lead time of 90 days is required.

Figurals (Character Pieces):

Each puzzle gets at least two figurals.  I will include two figurals for every 50 pieces.  If you would like more, they are $ 5.00 each.  Let me know what figure you would like or send me a sketch or picture.  For words, initials and dates - every two letters count as one figural.

There are a limited number of figurals that can be included in a 5" x 7" size, but, hey, challenge me!

I also can do custom, commissioned work - just email me or call me with the details.

Miniature & Stamp Puzzles:  Please go to the Stamp & Currency Puzzle Type Page for pricing information. Click Here

Orders can be sent:

By Telephone:  610-489-2842

By Fax:            610-489-2842

By E-mail:        Puzzled@Purplemartinpuzzles.com


I will ship your puzzles via Insured, 3-day ground by the United States Postal Service (USPS) unless you specify different.

Shipping Cost: For packaging and insured USPS delivery: From $6.00 to $20.00 depending on destination.  Other shipping methods (UPS, FedEx, Etc), I would have to call for the cost.

Presently, I do not ship outside North America


For puzzles with 200 pieces or less, 3 - 4 Weeks is typical.

For puzzles with 201 through 500 pieces, 4 - 6 Weeks is typical.

For puzzles over 500 pieces, please call or e-mail for an estimate.

Depending on my backlog, it may be sooner, or if before the holidays, it may be later.

Payment Terms:


Presently, I do not accept credit cards.  This will change for 2007.

I will accept personal checks or money orders and will ship when they clear. 

Return Policy

Should you not be satisfied with your puzzle, simply call to arrange to return the puzzle within 15 days and I will refund your money less shipping costs.

Information Request Form

Select the items that apply, and then let us know how to contact you.

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