Artistic Hand-Cut Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Not Just For Kids Any More!

Experience what jigsaw puzzles were like "Before Cardboard" from 1880 through 1950

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How Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles Are Made

Your puzzle begins it's life as 1/4" or 6mm premium grade birch plywood.  This plywood has superior strength and no internal voids or hollows and will not bend or tear apart like cardboard.

Next, I take a picture or a print from an artist and carefully glue it to the plywood.  The picture or print is either purchased by you or I can order one of your choosing from an artist featured in my Art Gallery.

I study the picture to decide what the best method or style would be used that would give the most unique appearance and challenge.

Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles are NOT made with a Jigsaw!  They are made using a Scroll Saw with extremely thin special blades.  The blades are as thick as two horses tail hairs.  Click on the picture at the left to see a close up of the blade.  I then cut out your puzzle using one or more of the techniques I use as I see most appropriate for the print.  I include several figurals that would relate to the "theme" of the print or specifically requested by you. 

I then carefully sand the back of your puzzle and inspect it for flaws.  The puzzle is then re-assembled for a piece count and quality check.  It is then boxed up and shipped to you.

Included in the puzzle box is a certificate of authenticity, which is includes the title of the work and the artist or photographers' name, signed, dated and includes the serial number. 

Almost every puzzle I cut includes my signature piece, the Purple Martin and on the back of the signature piece is the Artist's name, the name of the work (when known), my name, the date cut, the number of pieces and the serial number.  This identifies the puzzle, even if the original box is lost or becomes destroyed (It happens!).  Click on the picture at the left to see a close up of my signature piece.

There will be NO picture of the completed puzzle.  As was the tradition of my Great - Great Uncle Carlton and most fellow wooden puzzle craftswomen and craftsmen, I believe there is more fun and challenge to putting the puzzles together without a picture to compare it with.

Should you have any questions, please call or email me. 

Call (610) 489-2842 or email: puzzled@ purplemartinpuzzles.com

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