Artistic Hand-Cut Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Not Just For Kids Any More!

Experience what jigsaw puzzles were like "Before Cardboard" from 1880 through 1950

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Puzzle Types

There are many types of wooden jigsaw puzzles that I produce.  Here are the most popular categories:  Look through the selection below to see what I have done.

Puzzles Made Using Fine Art Reproductions

These puzzles are made using fine art reproductions (prints or lithographs).

Puzzles Made Using Photographs, Calendar and Magazine Pictures

These puzzles are made using photographs.

Puzzles Made Using Postage Stamps and Currency

These puzzles are made using domestic and foreign postage stamps.

Puzzles Made With No Picture, Just Painted Pieces

That's right! No pictures are used.  Each piece is painted on all sides using different colors for selected pieces.  I call these puzzles "Deceptive Madness".