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I can use any size print up to 24" x 24" in size.  Please keep in mind that when you order a fine art print from an artist, the actual picture size may be significantly smaller.  For example: If you order an 11 x 14" print size, the actual picture image is really 9.5 x 12.5".  The extra is a border used for mounting the print in a matted frame.  I will remove the extra border edge.

You may choose to send me one of your own or choose a print from the Artist's own website from the list below:

James Browne  is an extraordinary talented artist who creates an exquisite imaginary style art.   Order a puzzle with one of James' prints and help the Faeries and Elves put their world together!
Choose one of the prints from James' site and let me know the title and I can obtain it directly.  I can have his prints sized to your choice of puzzle size.

Click on the image at right to enlarge.

Kathleen Cope Ruoss  is an exceptionally talented Pennsylvania watercolor artist who creates exceptional still life and landscape art.   
Choose one of the open edition prints from Kathleen's' site and let me know the title and I can purchase it directly.  These prints are lithographs and the puzzle size is fixed to the actual print size.  The cost of these puzzles using K.C. Ruoss' work is the cost of the print plus the per piece price.

Click on the image at right to enlarge.

As I network with other artists, I will post their site information here.  Check back often.







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